There are very specific tangible moments in each of our lives when we are aware of the interconnectivity between all of us human beings on this Earth. We are interwoven and are linked one to another. These bonds are what form our closest friendships and our deepest loves.  But what about with "chance" encounters? There is the notion that you can meet someone for the first time and fall in love or have incredible chemistry. Some may say it's a physical link since we all share the same matter and the same material. We all are from the same place. We share the same origins. Others may say it's a deeper more spiritual link that can not be seen but only felt.  It's harder to explain but you know it when you are with that person or persons.  I do feel a strong connection at times when I have walked a street for hours or have spoken to someone who I have just met. Sometimes it's a smile that connects us and our eyes are linked for a brief moment. Sometimes I see myself in them and I always wonder if they see themselves in me. There is something so beautiful when you find yourself so far from what you know to be home and for a brief encounter with someone, a stranger or an angel in a new land, you can feel right at home... 

This project aims to collect these human encounters in a consequential time and weave together a singular thread that as a whole forms a thick rope that becomes a witness to a common humanity, global citizenry that we all as humans share that is filled with compassion, empathy and genuine Love for our neighbor...  

Verón, Dominican Republic
Isfahan, Iran
Trinidad, Cuba
Habana, Cuba
Trinidad, Cuba